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          There are 11,900 graduates from agriculture and allied sectors passing out from agricultural universities in India while there are 2405 graduates in agriculture and allied fields passing  out every year from Maharashtra state. However, only 2000 are able to get employment in Government/Private sectors.  Thus there remains a vast pool of around 9900 graduates in the country who can support  and boost agricultural production process if viable business opportunities are provided to them.

          On the other hand there exists an agricultural extension system which is fast shrinking resulting in wide extension gaps between those who require improved technologies and those who generate them.

          Thus in the aftermath of this wide extension gap and the vast pool of unemployed agriculture pass outs remains to be tapped to provide support to the extension system and ultimately to help improve agricultural productivity.  This gave birth to a unique and ambitions scheme to address teh twin objectives through the agri clinic and agri business centers scheme.


The Scheme

          The Agri Clinic and Agri business Center Scheme has been launched by the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, in association with NABARD and coordination with MANAGE, SFAC to take better methods of farming to each and every farmers across the country by tapping the expertise available in the large pool of agriculture graduates. The agriculture graduates can set up their own Agri Clinic and Agri business Center and provide professional extension services for the farming community across the country.



1.     To supplement the efforts of Government extension system

2.     To make available supplementary sources of input supply and services for the farmers.

3.     To provide gainful employment to agricultural graduates in emerging areas of agricultural sector.


Agri Clinic and Agri business Centers

          These are centers started by trained agriculture graduates which provide expert services and advice to farmers on cropping practices, technology dissemination, crop protection service, Market trends and prices of crops in markets and provide clinical services for plant and animal health which would enhance the productivity of crops and animals.  Agri business centers are those which provide inputs supply farm equiment on hire and such services.

Project Activities

          Agricultural graduates may choose from a range of potential areas given below:


Code            Area

Project 01     Soil, water quality and input testing lab service center

Project 02     Plant protection, service center

Project 03     Maintenance, repair and custom hiring of agricultural implements

Project 04     Agri service center including above three activities

Project 05     Seed processing units

Project 06     Micro propagation through plant tissue culture units

Project 07     Setting up of vermiculture, biofertilizers, biopesticides, biocontrol units

Project 08     Setting up of Apiaries

Project 09     Providing extension consultancy services

Project 10     Facilitation of agricultural insurance services

Project 11     Hatcheries and production of fish fingerlings

Project 12     Providing live stock health cover through veterinary dispensary

Project 13     Setting up of IT Kiosks

Project 14     Feed processing and testing unit

Project 15     Value added centers

Project 16     Setting up of cool chain

Project 17     Post harvest management centers

Project 18     Setting of storage structures and rural godowns

Project 19     Retail marketing outlets for processed products

Project 20     Rural marketing dealership of farm inputs and outputs.



          The scheme is open to agricultural graduates in subjects allied to agriculture like horticulture, sericulture, forestry, veterinary science, animal husbandry, dairy, poultry, Pisciculture, Agri engineering, food technology and other allied activities.



          Under the scheme, the unemployed agricultural graduates are provided start up training at designated training centers. The successful candidates can later apply for start up loans for any specified venture.


Project cost

          The project can be taken up by trained agri graduates either individually or on jointly/group basis. The outer ceiling for cost of project by an individual would be Rs. 10 lakh and for project project by a group would be Rs. 50 lakh.  The group may be of 5 of which one could be a management development and management.


Margin money

          1. Upto Rs. 10,000/-                   No Margin

          2. Over Rs. 10,000/-                   15-25% of project cost

Rate of interest

Size of loan

Rate of interest to ultimate beneficiary


Commercial bank

Regional rural bank

Co-operative bank

Up to Rs. 25,000/-

As detrmined by bank subject to max of PLR

As determined by bank

As determined by the SCB subject to minimum of 12%

Above Rs. 25,000/- upto Rs. 2.00 lakh

As detrmined by bank subject to max of PLR

As determined by bank

As determined by the SCB subject to minimum of 12%

Above Rs. 2.00 lakh

As detrmined by bank.

As determined by bank

As determined by the SCB subject to minimum of 12%

* Mortgage of land at Bank’s discretion


No Collateral security for a loan upto Rs. 5.0 lakhs as per the latest RBI Circular for the Agricultural graduates who have successfully completed the Agriclinics and Agribusiness Training.



          The period of loan will vary between 5-10 years depending on the activities. The repayment period may include a grace period which is discretionary extending up to a maximum of two years.


Training support

          As an integral part of the programme, specialized training is being provided to agricultural graduates interested in setting up such center.  Training programmes are being launched in recognized training institutes through out the country to prepare the professionals in entrepreneurship and agri business ventures.  The training is free for selected candidates for a period of two months in selected training institute.

          The Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar has been designated as a recognized training center by MANAGE, Hyderabad after taking cognizance of its innovative extension methodology and unique professionalism in providing vocational training for rural youths. The first part of training covers the following subjects inthe field of entrepreneurship development.

  1. Agri Business Management
  2. Small Business Management
  3. General Marketing Management
  4. Agri-marketing Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Financial Management
  7. Information Technology


The second part consists of training in individual enterprises selected by the candidates.  It also includes exclusive visits to successful enterprises, market survey and project preparation and evaluation.


Opportunities at KVK, Babhaleshwar

          The KVK, Babhaleshwar is a premier agri-extension centers that was bestowed with BEST KVK AWARD by ICAR in recognition of its highly professional services extended for the farming community in an innovative strategic model.

          It has provided all the services and for the farming community to help increase the productivity of majority crops in the district. 

It possess adequate training infrastructure for the trainees from villages, extension functionaries of line departments in various emerging technologies.  The KVK has various demonstration units for imparting skill based training on the principles of learning by doing and seeing is believing.

          Various demonstration units that are operational at KVK are:


  1. Broiler poultry farm
  2. Crop demonstration farm
  3. Processing and bakery unit
  4. Mushroom production unit
  5. Mushroom spawn production unit
  6. Soil, water and plant tissue testing lab with Micronutrient Testing Facility
  7. Biofertilizers production lab
  8. Commercial Vermicompost unit
  9. A.V.Aids and Media production lab
  10. Spirulina production facility
  11. Nursery unit
  12. Bio fungicides and biocontrol agent production lab
  13. Botanicals production lab
  14. Modern information and communication technology Facility
  15. Steam distillation unit for processing of aromatic plants


Other infrastructure

          The KVK possesses adequate infrastructure which is most conducive to the incumbent training in acquiring the skills taught by an expert in house faculty.

          The KVK possesses ultra modern training hall with Internet connection and LCD projection device for better communication and skill imparting.  The KVK possesses residential accommodation for 40 trainees simultaneously at its hostel.  It also constitutes in-house boarding facility for trainees for long duration training.


What we do to the trainees

-         Provide adequate learning environment

-         Skill up gradation

-         Attitudinal change

-         Entrepreneurship development

-         Personality development

-         The WILL to WIN



For details contact


Dr. Bhaskar Gaikwad

Nodal Officer and Chief Scientist

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar


Training Coordinators

Mr.Purushottam Hendre, Scientist (Horticulture)

Mr. Sunil Borude, Scientist(Extension)

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (PIRENS) Babhaleshwar

Tal. Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar (MS)

Tel No. 02422-252414, 253612, 253008

Telefax 02422-253536

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